At Asheville ReScreen our window rescreening services can do a lot more for your home than simply fix an old, broken screen. Having high-quality window screens can help enhance your home and make it more comfortable. 

Despite these and numerous other benefits, many homeowners still misunderstand the importance of proper window rescreening. This is why many homes have inadequate window screens or lack them altogether. 

As Asheville ReScreen professionals, we have a passion for protecting and helping our clients live better in their homes. A big part of our mission is to also educate our clients on the benefits that window rescreening can provide.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ways we implement Asheville window rescreening for our clients. 

Fiberglass window screens
Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials we use for window rescreening. They are very cost-efficient yet very durable which allows them to keep a sturdy appearance for a long time. 

Fiberglass window screens are an excellent choice for high-traffic or large areas like pools, gazebos and more. 

Pet Screens

Most families with pets get used to the idea that living with tattered window screens is a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be! We have various pet screen options that will help protect, and reduce the need for constant window rescreening due to damage caused by your pet. 

Pets screens are made of vinyl-coated polyester which make them particularly resistant to the wear and tear caused by pets. In fact, our Asheville ReScreen experts can even install a pet door right on the screen for easy access. 

Insect Screens

Little bugs can create huge problems in a home. They are creepy, highly destructive, and can even carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease. This can be especially dangerous during hot summer months when insect populations tend to increase. 

If you’re noticing tiny holes in your window screens, it may mean that insects have chewed their way into your home. Therefore you need Asheville ReScreen experts to repair or replace your inadequate screens with the proper, quality insect-resistant mesh that actually works to keep pests from gaining entry to your home.

SunScreen/Solar Screen

Hot summer days can really turn up the heat inside a home. Sure, switching the AC on to help keep cool may sound like an easy solution. However, for most people, using the AC on a constant basis is much too expensive.

Sunscreens, on the other hand, are much more cost effective and are very easy to install. During the hotter seasons, sunscreens can help reduce the heat inside a home. Alternatively, they can also help limit the loss of heat during the cooler months. 

Allergen Blocking Screen

Biological allergens can wreak havoc on a person’s respiratory system causing infections, diseases, and more. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, the dust coming in from the outside may still cause health complications.

Regular window screens will only filter out about 20% of allergens from your home. Our allergen blocking screens, however, will help reduce the amount of allergen and dust getting filtered into your home by over 90%!

When you need fast and reliable Asheville window rescreening services, you can get in touch with our team of Asheville window rescreening experts.

Did you know we Repair Window Screens in Hendersonville and Brevard as well?

It’s true! And that’s not all!

You’ll find us in Arden, Flat Rock, Etowah, Fletcher, Fairview, Pisgah Forest, Penrose, Swannanoa and Enka as well! A few others as well. So Give Us a Call Today and let Asheville ReScreen take care of all your Window Screen Repair and Replacement Needs.

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